Our Corporate Republic officials will be launching its first official funds for investors to participate in an expedition, exploration, and assessment of the development of the research facilities and land. Our official funds will be managed professionally by an independent firm, and invested in coordination with and in support of official Corporate Republic activities.

Bir Tawil Operational Development Fund A
Objective and process: To fund diplomatic and land settlement activities necessary for the Corporate to gain recognition and development. In the short term, an Inaugural Corporate Republic Facilities will be develop for use by the Corporate official for enabling operations. Funds will be deployed in a phased approach as diplomatic and operational activities progress in the establishment of the Corporate Republic.

Bir Tawil Investment Development Fund B
Objective and process: To fund the basic physical systems of the infrastructure, communication, sewage, water, hydroponics and solar systems, and transportation. Since these systems tend to be high-cost investments, they are vital to the Corporate Republic's economic development and prosperity. Infrastructure projects will be funded publicly, privately or through public-private partnerships. The beginning of our research and development facilities.

Under Construction 

The Corporate Republic  $50 Million (USD) Operational Development Fund

Corporate Republic of Kha-Nu Investment Center

(Investing in Natural Resources - 2023)